Мария Еременко

P1050791Приветствую всех! Меня зовут Мария, я учусь на 4 курсе исторического факультета. В свободное от учебы время пишу стихи, рассказы, песни. Также я люблю смотреть фильмы, читать книги и слушать современную музыку. На написание стихов и рассказов меня вдохновляют люди, природа, произведения искусства. Вечерами я люблю гулять по парку и размышлять о своей жизни, о настоящем и будущем. И в этот момент в голове начинают рождаться первые строчки… Я считаю, что нужно радоваться простым мелочам. Счастье это когда ты каждый день просыпаешься с первыми солнечными лучами под пение птиц и шелест листьев. Ты подходишь к окну, видишь соседей и случайных прохожих. Все они куда-то спешат, не замечая всей красоты, которой нас одарила природа. Жизнь это не только лишь одно существование, но и поиск истины, совершенствование мира и любимое дело, которое вдохновляет тебя на подвиги. Я думаю, что в каждом из нас живет писатель, поэт, настоящий гений, но самое главное, слова должны быть искренними и от всего сердца. Только тогда читатель сумеет оценить ваше творчество по достоинству.

Greetings to all! My name is Maria, I am a 4th year student of the historical faculty. In my free time I write poetry, stories, songs. I also like to watch movies, read books and listen to modern music. People, nature and art inspire me to write poetry and short stories. In the evenings I like to walk in the park and think about my life, about the present and the future. Usually, at this moment the first lines start to appear in my head… I think we should enjoy the little things. Happiness is when you wake up every day with the first sun rays the singing of birds and the rustle of leaves. You come up to the window, see the neighbors and passers-by. All of them are in a hurry to somewhere, they don’t notice the beauty, which nature has endowed us. Life is not only the existence, but it is also the search for truth, perfection of the world and a favorite pastime, that inspires you to great deeds. I think that a writer, a poet, a genius lives inside of every of us, but the most important is that words must be sincere and from the heart. Only then will the reader be able to see the true value of your work.

Рассказ “Life lesson”

One beautiful autumn day, nine-year Lisa was walking with mother in the yard. Beautiful, smiling, neatly dressed girl, aroused admiration and affection of all the inhabitants of the yard. Lisa’s parents have been spoiling her since childhood: they bought her luxury dresses, expensive toys, sweets, they were taken her to the theater, to the circus and to the zoo. The girl didn’t new the refusal in anything and looked down nose at the other kids. While they were walking, Lisa managed to quarrel with her mother.

– Mom, my classmate Angelica’s parents bought her a huge house for Barbie yesterday, and I want you to buy me exactly the same.

– No, Lisa, we can’t buy you this house now, since your father’s has problems at work, – said quietly Mrs Roberts.

– But Mom, if I don’t have a new house today, guys will think I’m poor.

– Lisa, where did you get so much arrogance and conceit? – murmured the woman with disturbing voice.

– If you don’t buy a house for Barbie, I will go away from you and find the other parents, that will do for me all that I want.

At this, Lisa ran away from his mother. She ran to the end of the yard and was racing so fast, that Mrs Roberts and the yard-keeper couldn’t catch her up. Lisa would run further, if she didn’t trip over a log lying on the road. She fell into the sandbox and lost her consciousness.

Then Lisa found herself in her bed, but she saw the raw space, which is more like an old closet, instead of a spacious and bright room. Lisa stood from the, surprisingly, stiff and gray bed and went to the mirror. She did not recognize herself at once. A little beggar looked at her from the mirror – dirty, unkempt and dressed in rags, whose face was ashen from the dust. Lisa saw at herself the old, huge galoshes, instead of favorite pink shoes. The girl was horrified by her reflection in the mirror. She could not understand what had happened, how she became a dirty ugly duckling from a beautiful girl with a doll face. Then someone knocked on the door.

– Get up lazy slut, you have a lot of work, – a dreadful male voice croaked.

Lisa recognized it immediately. It was the voice of her father, but before he hadn’t talked to her so rudely. The door opened and a man of thirty-five years old walked in, he looked the same as before, but something had changed in his face, it was no longer dear. His icy gaze and tightly pursed lips made the girl feel terrified.

– You have to give the mother a drug and feed her with breakfast, – Mr. Roberts said with angry voice.

– But Dad, is my mother sick and she needs medication? – in audible voice asked Lisa barely.

– Firstly, I have already told you to call me Mr. Roberts, and, secondly, it is enough to pretend that you don’t know what it is about. Take care of the mother, and then you have to clean the whole house, – the man said, and left the room.

  Lisa went to her mother’s room silently. When she came into, she saw her mother lying on the bed. No, her mother didn’t just have a cold, as Lisa thought. The woman could hardly move and speak. She had lost her mind and did not remember Lisa. And Lisa didn’t recognize her mother, who has grown old for many years and has become a pale old woman.

– Mom, you don’t recognize me, I brought you a cure – faltered Lisa with a tearful voice. But the mother didn’t answer her and staring into a corner with stone eyes.

After finishing the housework, Lisa went out, but she saw an old farm instead of cozy well-groomed yard. Girl took water from a well, fed the chickens and watered the bushes.

The next day, Lisa had to go to school, but her father forbade her to even think about it, and instead of studying, he made Lisa go to town and beg alms.

A few hours the girl has been standing in the town square with an outstretched hand. By bringing some change, Lisa decided to take a walk around the school. There was a change, and she had seen her best friend Angelica and the other girls near the school. They were sitting on a bench and playing with dolls. When they saw Lisa, they laughed loudly and Angelika laughed the loudest. Lisa didn’t expect such a betrayal of her best friend. She began to cry softly and slowly step went home at a slack pace.

Coming to her house, Lisa sensed the smell of smoke; and having come closer, she saw the flames that enchained the old barn. In the distance, she saw the three boys running away from the scene of the crime. With all her force Lisa was calling for help, but there was no a soul around. The girl grabbed the bucket and went to the well. Having got the water, Lisa ran to the shed and began to extinguish the fire. But the fire was becoming more and more, and it spread to the Lisa’s house. Girl threw a bucket and ran inside. The flames spread to all rooms, burned books and old furniture. She called her father, but he was not home. Lisa ran into her mother’s room and saw her lying on the burned bed. Mrs Roberts almost didn’t breath. Lisa helped her mother get out of bed, took her by the arm and led out of the burning house. When they were outside the house, Lisa sat down her mother on the grass and rubbed her forehead with a damp cloth.

– Mom, you have to live for me, just live and that is all, I don’t I need anything, – the girl asked in a pleading voice.

Suddenly Lisa dizzied, it was hard to breathe, and she fell unconscious not far from her mother.

– Lisa, can you hear me? – sounded a voice of Mrs. Roberts as echo.

– Mom, is it you? – Lisa whispered faintly and opened her eyes.

She looked around and saw her favorite cozy yard, wooden swing, bored neighbors and Mrs. Roberts, who were fit as a fiddle.

– Mommy, what happened? – Lisa said softly.

– Daughter, you have frightened us very much. When you were running away from me, you accidentally tripped over a log, fell and lost consciousness.

– Mom, I saw a very strange dream or it was not a dream, – doubtfully said Lisa.

– My dear child, you will tell us your dream later, and now you need to rest.

Mrs. Roberts took Lisa by the arm and led her home.

In the evening Mr. Roberts returned home from work and Mrs. Roberts told him what had happened. The man sat beside her daughter and hugged her.

– Daddy, you’re good again. But in my dream you were angry, – Lisa whispered.

– She is talking about her dream the whole day, – Mrs Roberts said.

– Everything is fine, we will stand up for you, – confident voice, Mr. Roberts said.

The whole night Lisa couldn’t sleep, she was thinking about her mysterious dream, but she felt that it was real. She realized that all the time she behaved wrong and selfish, and Lisa closed her eyes, and with these thoughts fell asleep.

The next morning, Lisa, as usual, woke up in her bed. At the gambling table she saw a large Barbie house of the latest models. A minute later, the parents came into the bedroom.

– Good morning, Liza, they said. Well, how do you like the gift? We know that you have been dreaming of such a house for a long time, and forgive us that we haven’t bought it earlier.

Lisa got out of the bed and came to the table.

– Mom, Dad, thank you for such a wonderful gift, but I don’t deserve it, since I was a very bad daughter to you. We should give the house to the children’s shelter. There are children who need it more than me, – Lisa said.

– Our dear child, once you’ve decided, we are happy to give this house to the children in need.

 On Sunday Lisa and her parents decided to visit the children at the shelter.

– Mom, can I give this gift to kids by myself? – asked Lisa.

– Of course you can, answered Mr and Mrs Roberts.

 Lisa took the house in her arms and carried him to the playroom. Having seen Lisa with this wonderful toy, the children rushed to hug the girl.

A few hours she was playing with them with dolls, that now have a modern house. Lisa looked at children playing, and felt good, because she had made them a bit happier.

If one day your heart will become stale and hard as stone, remember the story of Lisa and do what this wonderful girl did, and the heavens grant you with what you haven’t even dreamed of…

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