Марина Михайловская

CaptureМеня зовут Марина Михайловская. Я пишу стихи, занимаюсь в школе актерского мастерства и беру уроки искусства речи. Хочу построить настоящий театр для своих творческих друзей. Я всегда внимательно отношусь к тому, что я делаю. Слушаю свое сердце. Я всегда открыта навстречу переменам и неожиданным возможностям. Мое чувство юмора помогает мне в повседневной жизни – это моя сильная сторона.

My name is Marina Mikhaylovskaya. I write poems, I am student at school of actors and take course of oratory art. I want to build the theater for my creative friends. I am always very attentive for what I do. I listen to the heart. I am always open to the new challenges and opportunities. My sense of humour helps me in everyday life – it is my strong side.

Перевод произведения “Стихотворение”


You are. You will.

The sleeping theatre turns off the lights.

The sounds play blind man’s buff

                                                       in the hall and passes.

And the applauses was fading hide.

The flowers’ bouquets fall down on the stage,


The moonlight shining bright and plays

Between the thin and graceful fingers.

And fragrance subtle flying in the air…

The worthless memories will disappear,

And let the others leave you here.

The fetters ghosts will thaw in the haze.

Today I view the cinema

                                       was sparkling on the windows.

The city sleeps.

Luminescence and burning eyes are artificial.

I go away, with no delay

Towards to street lamps,

                                       dim and hazy.

No sounds to the head,

No thoughts in mind I keep.

As want to print with sealing wax forever

Her silent steps and scents

Like magic vision or phantom?

No. Precisely that I know

A pure beauty angel here

You will be angel of my soul there.

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