Мариетта Авакова

фото (1)Мечтаю стать переводчиком, увлекаюсь иностранными языками,музыкой,спортом. Очень люблю писать стихотворения на английском языке, занимаюсь этим видом творчества с 14-ти лет.

I dream of being an interpreter, like learning new foreign languages,travelling, playing the piano, and writing poems in various languages. My first poem was written at the age of 14. I hope to use some images of my imagination to keep writing in the future!

поэзия “Language is the Holy Grail”


Language is the Holy Grail

Language is the Holy Grail where every drop of wine is like a word
And when the Grail is filled with wine
A person’s good command of any tongue is high like angels next to Lord.

One can compare the Grail’s stem with grammar,
But proverbs, idioms and phrasal verbs are able to remind of patterns.

A golden trim is our love to any language,
The shine of gold is your pronunciation.
I’d always draw this high-flown image
That was created on my mind, in my association.

The more the trim abounds in patterns,
The deeper, franker our love to any tongue.
The brighter our holy, precious Grail glitters,
The more remarkable enunciation’s glance!


 You needn’t prick yourself with thorns of rose
To understand: this flower’s very prickly.
A very feeling regards a human love
That reigns in people’s souls so deeply.

You needn’t search for a boundless, fleeting passion
To learn about the fits of any loving heart.
Just close your eyes and soon a wild obsession
Will change your madness in every body’s part.

Besides a high-flown love, God has endowed us with some other feelings:
Self-sacrifice, forgiveness, friendship, faith, and hope.
But love is queen of inner world, who feels it,
That will be able to cognize all this, that’s on the values’ top.

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