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Короткий рассказ “Faith. Hope. Love”


Time of action – 2016. Venue – Astana, Kazakhstan, Eurasian continent.

Polina, the main character, suffered from the war in the Donbass region, arrives in Astana for the exhibition “Faith. Hope. Love” due to the invitation of the Dutch charity fund.

Polina grew up in an extraordinary love and care, in an atmosphere of understanding, harmony and family happiness. Romantic, dreamy and a bit spoiled girl after military actions became a serious, thoughtful and wise woman.

In place of the once prominent and blossoming city arose ruins, imbued with the spirit of war. Feeling hopelessness, helplessness, powerlessness after the tragic situation, blond girl with blue eyes and shoulder-length hair decides to go to the church.

At the entrance to a luxury church building, painted by patterns and ornaments, a girl meets a man who turned out to be a representative of the famous Dutch «Stichting INGKA Foundation», who came with the aim to provide all possible assistance to all citizens, who find themselves in trouble.

«I am ready to offer you an exclusive ticket to the exhibition «Faith. Hope. Love», organized in the capital of the Republic of Kazakhstan», – he said.

Polina took an unexpected gift without any hesitation. There was a fixed venue in the invitation along with an accompanying plane ticket. The exhibition is focused on the social support of vulnerable people and improving their quality of life.

There are other participants at the exhibition:

  • Michel, a man, who has received a ticket as a lifeline from a crushing flood, suddenly overtaking all of modern Europe;
  • Makoto, a little boy, who has lost parents and became a victim of the earthquake in Kumamoto in Japan. More than a thousand people have received substantial injuries;
  • Adam, Zaira and their son Ali, young family, who has saved from the bloody war in Syria, which has began in 2011.

Multi-day showers, along with a two-month norm of precipitation steel shock news for the residents of the region Ile-de-France, where the water level has reached the critical value, above two meters. Directions for many road routes and railways blocked, so many European citizens were encouraged to wait out the difficult period away from home in order to avoid the emergence of new victims.

Ruthless floods in Central Europe, considered the worst over the last decade, has already managed to overtake Austria, Switzerland, Czech Republic, Germany, and France. About three thousand people were evacuated to the special charity centre, where Michel was offered a ticket to a long-awaited vacation.

Astana is located in Kazakhstan, the business center of the Eurasian continent, pleased with the incredible abundance of upscale neighborhoods, made in elegant architectural styles. Exhibitors were warmly greeted by delightful city, full of boundless energy, limitless appeal and good-natured hospitable people.

Stately boulevards stretching, modest public gardens, elegant residential buildings with lots of cozy cafes and tempting shops opened their passionate embrace to guests.

Guests were warmly welcomed by multi-story brick building, filled with a variety of spacious exhibition halls, which was represented by food, clothing, toys, handmade accessories as assistance to families in distress.

Among the thousands of visitors who attended the festival, no one replaced anything suspicious, except for those who have previously faced with natural disasters. Pauline Michel, Makoto, Adam, Zaire, Ali – all these people, in spite of the significant difference of social, cultural, racial, and religious factors, were aware that something is clearly wrong. All of them were caught up trouble at home.

Each of the characters felt the rapid approach of a strong wind, a breakneck pace blow your socks off with dozens of buildings across Astana. Suddenly, in a matter of hours, the capital of Kazakhstan covered the hurricane.

Even here, the heroes failed to relax in comfort, natural disaster disrupted their plans. Organizers of the exhibition have been taken a decision on the immediate evacuation of all guests to the nearest school, which was the best place to save because of the exceptional endurance of walls and sturdy roofing, able to actively counteract the destructive element.

At the time hiding in the school premises, exhibitors saw many damaged billboards and vehicles, as well as fallen trees. Thousands of homes were left without electricity, while the electric power supply at the school was able to maintain thanks to pre-installed generators.

There was no panic and fear among the people. They formed their line of conduct in stress and extreme situations.  Polina and Michel agreed to keep in touch via the Internet. Michel, in turn, promised to help Syrian family in the provision of a special European program relating to refugees.

Woe really brought people together. Everybody was imbued with the history of a little boy, Makoto, who lost parents. Michel promised to make every effort to accelerate the rapid searches.

All the participants are delighted with a perfect event-organization. But a sudden storm breaks the idyll. Despite the significant difference of social and cultural factors, the characters have a lot of similar traits. All of them have experienced a lot of grief in their homeland and came to the exhibition with the aim to relax.

During a disaster they manage to evacuate and become friends despite the language barrier. The characters appear to the reader as a heroic and brave people, who demonstrate an excellent behavior in extreme situations.

After a week- holiday in Kazakhstan Polina has woken up already at home, in Donetsk. Despite the war, the city looked incredibly clean, attractive and well-groomed. The streets were filled with people, who have bright hopes for the long-awaited peace and a return to their former life, a peaceful life.

Everybody hopes that the war will finally end, the boy Makoto will find his parents, the storm will live Europe and Syrian family will build a new home for themselves…

If we lived in a world without wars, we could live in peace, harmony and concord, in spite of the substantial difference in religions, beliefs, cultures and worldviews. If we lived in an alternate, peaceful reality, we could appreciate the goodness, justice, faith, hope and love.

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