Лана и Владимир Королевские

Творчеством занимаюсь с самого детства. В 12 лет были опубликованы несколько моих сказок в издательствах г. Днепропетровска. Получил высшее художественно-дизайнерское образование (ХГАДИ). Занимаюсь графикой, дизайном, версткой книг, упаковкой, преподаванием. Принимаю участие в международных конкурсах иллюстрации, фотографии. Пишу экспериментальную музыку.

Realize creative activity since childhood period. A several of my fairy tales were published at publishing houses of Dnepropetrovsk when I was 12 years old. Have higher Art and design education (KSADA).
I engage graphics, design, layout of books, packaging’ design, teaching.
Take part in international competitions of illustrations and photograph. Produce experimental music.

Притча “EPEEK

From time immemorial the human race has endeavored to fully understand the sense of being or to find the earthly paradise. What ought people do so as not to waste their earthly life? What is happiness? Where should their energy and talents be directed? People have been asking themselves those burning questions during all their lives while traveling in life’s intricate multimeasured labyrinths, sooner or later giving thought to the immortality of their own souls.

In the parable, entitled “EPEEK”, the way people have been looking for their happiness has been described by Lana Korolievskaia and Volodymyr Korolievskyi. In earthly life every human being is granted a certain period of time for achieving his goal of life and for fulfilling his mission. The mission is realized by people in different ways: some think it over and succeed in achieving the aim, others stop half-way, but some are quite unaware of their earthly lot.

In an allegorical manner the authors have tried to convey the conditionality and fragility of borders, which a divine talent could trespass on and, eventually, become devoid of his genuine capacity for creation and development.

Having ruined one’s divine spark, a human being is capable of turning into an envious nothing, a villain, a vainglorious monster, a grasping money-grubber, or a dissolute scoundrel. It is a difficult problem to find oneself, to live one’s own life in harmony with one’s nature. Few people can manage it. The majority of people do not look for the decision of their problems, but they, in fact, intensify them, finding pleasure in earthly delights. Humanity is infected with the Seven Deadly Sins, such as arrogance, envy, anger, idleness, greediness, gluttony, dissipation. And even an immortal soul, being infected with them, is destined to perish.

“Wanderers do not know what they need. Seekers do not know what they are looking for. They have forgotten their childhood dreams! People have ruined the main gift of God – their hearts. The heart has gone blind from the brilliance of passions!

Envy and hatred, egoism and greed, malice and craving for power have dried their souls out! People have become beggars, possessing uncountable riches”, – utters bitterly the Keeper of Time, the main character of the parable, blocking up the way for the greedy sons of mankind, so that they could not get into the world where the key to happiness could be received. He opened the way to his house only for people who had quivering and sensitive hearts.

There is a contrast between two groups of allegorical characters within the heart of the present narration: on the one hand, Glutton, Miser, Egotist, Money-grubber, Pseudoprophet, Scholar and Scribbler are wasting their divine gift, on the other hand, the eternal old man Epeek and the mortal youth Christian are busy looking for the sense of being. It is not by chance that the characters that perish physically and morally in the rooms where cherished wishes are fulfilled are shown first. “They are in a hurry, trying to become happy, hoping foolishly, that the satisfaction of their own wishes is an authentic happiness. They are eager to have a quick result without any trouble and without acquisition of the truth. People receive what they ask for, becoming in the process empty within. But the truth cannot bear any fuss, and happiness never comes in a hurry”, – says Epeek to Christian, who had to overcome many temptations in the intricate labyrinth of life.

Open-hearted, with sensitive heart and a pure soul, the youth for whom kindness, charity, beauty, love, creativity, friendship are not mere words, has found the key to his happiness. And it is the Universe itself that helps those who follow their real dreams!

Time is fleeting, and everybody has a specific destiny. Some have a short life, others – a long earthly life.

Here are different stories of people’s ascent along the thorny path to the top of success, of confidence in one’s talent, of the manifestations of persistence, industry and inflexibility of character under the strokes of fate.

– Human being, remember, your life is an opportunity to realise why you have come to this world. Your aim is to show yourself as you are, your talent. Overcome the temptation of becoming somebody else’s copy. Grow and flourish.

Don’t stop at what you have already achieved, move on further. Love life in all its manifestations! Live in the present! Don’t be afraid of making mistakes, do not fear the tortures of creativity, because without them you will never find the harmony in life, you will never grasp the truth.

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