человек с гитарой - копияЯ родилась в Карелии в те времена, когда она ещё была Карело-Финской союзной республикой, в составе СССР, из чего можно сделать вывод, что я очень древний человек. Ну что же, если перефразировать поэта – люди всякие нужны, люди всякие важны… Много лет я занималась авторской песней, принимала участие во многих конкурсах авторской и военно-патриотической песни. Моими кумирами всегда были Окуджава, Высоцкий, Розенбаум. У каждого из них свой взгляд на мир, свое мироощущение и своя палитра. Меня восхищает их умение за три минуты рассказать слушателю историю, и сыграв, что называется на «струнах души», вызвать смех или слезы, не оставляя никого равнодушным. Это истинная драматургия. Скорей всего, творчество именно этих поэтов-исполнителей повлияло на меня в большой степени. Может быть, поэтому в течение последних 10 лет занимаюсь драматургией. Написала пьесу и несколько киносценариев. Представляю на конкурс стихотворный цикл «Observations of nature and of the life of the soul» или Наблюдения за природой и жизнью души.

I was born in Karelia in the days when it was still the Karelian-Finnish union republic within the Soviet Union, from which we can conclude that I am a very old woman. Well, to paraphrase the poet – different people are needed, and different people are important. For many years I engaged of bard song, and I took part in many bard song and military-patriotic song competitions.   My idols always have been Okudzhava, Vysotsky, Rosenbaum. Each of them has its own view of the world and their own palette. I admire their ability for three minutes to tell a story to the listener and to play, of what is called, on “Strings of Soul”, cause laughter or tears, leaving no one indifferent. This is the true drama. Most likely, these poets and singers influenced me heavily. Maybe that’s why over the past 10 years I engaged in dramaturgy. He wrote several plays and screenplays.  Now I submitted my poetic cycle «Observations of nature and of the life of the soul».

Observations of nature and of the life of the soul

What time of season is now, January or April?

All mixed up in nature,

the blizzard is laughing in the yard,

but the calendar date is April 5!

It looks ridiculous against the backdrop of the snow disaster.

The sun hardly broke through the clouds

and just thin beam

helplessly trying to fight with a snow blanket.

No, the snow does not melt,

and I do not believe that the sun can defeat the winter cold.

I am in horrified… I am questioning:

Really, it maybe…the doubt in an omnipotent power of the sun?


Never say goodbye!

This word can cut off my climbing rope,

And I shall fall into the abyss.

This word is as a bullet, that hits in my heart.

Please, won’t be my killer…

Let it be someone else will, not you…

Never say goodbye!

This word is like a bomb,

That can destroy the whole world in a moment…

This word transforms the blooming garden into a desert,

Where die of cold and thirst those,

Who that word was heard.

Never say goodbye!

This word makes me powerless

in front of the face of the enemy,

because, in that case, I have nothing to defend .

Never say goodbye!

This word does us indifferent.

I don’t want to be unconcerned.

I still want to love you.

Never say goodbye…

Let heaven decide everything for us, but only not you!


Simple song

So little hope there was in my soul,

but you had come in my home, once,

You’d mended my wings and gave me a bowl,

with a potion, saying, “this is your chance,

You have a drink it in short order,

to find out truth in all the world,

For it you’ll get the puissance and power.

You’ll get the salvatory boat!”

I drunk your poison gulp without stopping,

and then I went out to the bank,

Before me I saw the sail and roping,

but wind was very cold and dank.

I tried in vain to set white sail,

The wind ripped it in the blink of an eye,

But there no one heard my despairing wail,

Then I lay down on sand to die.

Perhaps, someone will recall me,

Whose desires and dreams that were too bold.

So let they will be dispelled by wind,

Without regrets… without hold…


When a beam of hope went out,

And the heart became the lone,

And a chill creeps as a snake,

Squeezing me in her cold hugs,

I go for a walk along a deserted beach,

And wind is waving my shabby clothes,

As if that would be wings behind my back…

Let it be my flight…

I am calling to the sail,

“Oh, sail, do you see me?

I want to run on the waves, as you!

The white sail, take me with you!

Don’t be such arrogant! Agree…”

I stand still, waiting for the answer…

I gaze into the turquoise expanse of the sea,

A long while… long, long…

I understand at last that the sail did not notice me.

It disappeared…as the last ray of hope…


I wandered through the deserted park,

There was nobody there around.

I was at the very bottom of life,

The dark night of my soul in underground.

Suddenly I saw by little ducks,

They were swimming in a tiny pond,

They were so cute, and I had thought,

This is a fine day for young ducks,

And they must be completely happy.

While I feast my eyes on birds,

My yearning gradually vanished,

Into thin air, also like needless words,

I heard of someone’s voices.

This was a many-voiced chorus of throng.

They had sung a charming tune.

I listened for this heavenly song,

And while, I understood,

this is Our Father spoke with me,

By voices his angels – his servants.

Supernal wisdom enveloped me,

I calmed down, and everything around:

Trees, birds, flowers and even heavy rain,

Which newly were crying together with me,

– Whole world, Earth and Heaven

Became pure, bright and favorable.

And then I also began singing:

Alleluia, Alleluia, Alleluia…


When the cherry flowers fall,

Pink snow is flying in an air, as lightweight feathers,

Presaging summer heat very soon.

When golden leaves fall from trees,

It means that soon will come cold winter,

And white snows will coat all around.

And these signs of nature are forever….

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