IMG_3667Галина Рудь – член Союза писателей России, член Союза писателей-переводчиков, член Московской Ассоциации гидов-переводчиков. Стихи пишу с детства. Кошковед, кошкотворец, автор статей о кошках и известных кошковладельцах, публиковавшихся в московских журналах “Друг кошек” и “Мой друг – кошка”. Первая стихотворная книжка – детская энциклопедия кошачьих пород – вышла в 2005 году. Автор книг поэзии, прозы, переводов русскоязычных поэтов на английский язык. Победитель и лауреат литературных конкурсов. Имею литературные награды.

Galina A. Rud – was born in Ukraine. Since 1968 I have lived and worked in Moscow. I am the member of the Russian writers’ Union; the member of the Russian writers-translators’ Union; the member of Moscow guides’ Association. My first book, written in verse, was issued in 2005 – Encyclopedia of cat’s breeds for children. I am the author of books of prose, poetry and translations of the Russian poetry into English. I am the laureate of literary competitions; had literary rewards.

Перевод произведения “Крылатая кошка”



(Christmas fairy-tale)

In the centre of Moscow, in the district of Zamoskvorechie, under the roof of the old Moscow house in the wooden attic several cats settled down. They lived with quite friendly family; every cat took its own place in this old attic. The place was dark, but it did not disturb its inhabitance, because they could see very well also in the semi-darkness. These cats had not their owners; the cats were the owners for themselves. The people call such animals to be stray or homeless. This attic premise was their dwelling.

Sometimes the cats appeared on the roof of the house to breathe with the fresh air or stole up their way to the street – to find some food. Sometimes the cats went down to the basement of this house to hunt on the rodents: mice and rats. They were very ordinary stray cats; all, except one. All inhabitants of this attic had the names. The name of this pussy-cat was Cassiopeia, by the name of her favorite heavenly constellation.

As soon, as the dark night descended on the city, the milliard stars began to shine, and the queen of the night, the moon, appeared, the cats began to be livelier. You know, the cats – are the night creatures. Their eyes opened widely and shone in the darkness, like the stars. Here and there now the strident-loud, demanding, now the melodically-low, suppliant cat’s “miaow” was resounding or the affectionate purring of the loving cats’ couple was heard.

Often during the nights without a break she pussy-cat Cassiopeia was sitting on the roof, holding her breath, quietly charming purred; raising her head, she peered into the dark bottomless heaven, strewed with the stars, with her thoughtful emerald almond-shaped eyes. The “Cassiopeia” mystically was floating in the heaven – the wonderful constellation, resembling the overturned letter “M”. That letter, from which all the most main cat’s words begin:

– “Mew”, “Miaow”…

Cassiopeia, the dreamer, – the graceful creature with long paws and high, thin, nervous ears, dressed in the neat light grey-blue small fur-coat, was the cat of the romantic moods. She liked to sit alone on the very edge of the roof for a long time, aside of her friends, and to dream, purring the cat’s song. All the attic tomcats were secretly falling in love in Cassiopeia, but her thoughts were devoted to the romantic dreams. Sometimes at the full moon she even composed the poems.

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