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Photo on 15-07-2015 at 12.44 pmМеня зовут Ихтияр. Я родился в Узбекистане и сейсач учусь в Австралии. Я люблю читать книги, играть в шахматах и конечно переводит разные узбекские рассказы и романи на англиский язык. Творчеством увлекаюсь с юных лет. Литературным переводом активно начал заниматьса с прошлых лет. Хочу развиваться в этом направлении творчества и переводит интересные узбекские романи на англиский язык.

My name is Ikhtiyar. I was born in Uzbekistan and currently studying in Australia. I love reading books, playing chess and translating stories and novels from Uzbek into English. I love literature and I started translating stories from last year. I would like to improve myself in that direction and translate interesting Uzbek novels into English.

Перевод работы УКА”


The Brother


“Why? What happened?”

…My brother is sick! Oh, God! What can I do now?! My brother is sick in a foreign country!

God, please help him! Help him, please!

My brother is unwell, and it’s my fault. If something happens to him, I will not forgive myself!


 “If I ask my tutor’s permission, will he let me go? Or can I just leave? No, more problems should arise if I do that. It’s better to ask him first. He shouldn’t refuse. I couldn’t pay the student fee but I will tell him that I should receive the money today…”

Carefully, I knocked the faculty door. A voice came from inside:

“Come in”.

I opened the dorr slowly and looked in.


Rahimjan Lutfillaevich was writing something and he raised his head up to look at me:

“Ilyasjan, come on in, please. Come in.”

I walked to the seat in front of Rahimjan Lutfillaevich after greeting the other teachers who were there.

“Domla[1], I have a request for you.”

“Alright, ok.”

“I am still worrying about student payments. It has alredy passed the due date. Today I have the opportunity to pay as the money has arrived. I thought I would go and sort that out. But I can’t make it if I go after class…”

The little smile was seen in Rahimjan Lutfillaevich’s face.

“I will tell the tutor, who has your class next, to mark you as absent. Let your group leader to be aware of that too. He needs to know that you are gone, just in case if someone comes to check if everyone is in class.”

“Ok, ok. Sure. Thank you, master. Thank you very much.”

After leaving the unit coordinator, I stepped down the foyer. Now, I need to go to the bank, quickly. My brother sent me the money for my student fee.

 It was cool outside. Although it’s already spring, winter’s chill hasn’t passed yet. The morning sunshine convinced me to put my light clothes on, but now I’m feeling cold. If I walk faster, I will feel warm.

 There were not many people waiting for a bus at the bus station. Maybe a bus has left not long ago. Waiting for a bus in this cold weather is not comfortable. It’s ok, thank God. My poor brother is in Russia. Working in construction now. It’s colder there than here. In such cold weather how is my brother putting bricks together and plastering walls?

Something burnt my throat. It’s always like that. When I think about my brother. I want to cry. I haven’t told to anyone about this. Because I hide how I love my brother more than my life. He is my only friend in this life. If I say he is the perfect person I can imagine, many… no, maybe almost everyone will be surprised. They can say whatever they want, but it’s a reality. My brother is – my friend; and the most perfecct person I can imagine. I have never told him this. I cannot tell him. Maybe, I never can. When I see my brother, my heart starts to pound and I greet him, ask how he is, but I can’t never tell him my feelings of love towards him. The words that I want to tell him don’t leave me, they remain inside me. Why is this the case? I don’t know.

 The bus arrived; half empty, because it’s midday… In the morning and late afternoon the bus is full of people and there are no places to sit. But now I can sit wherever I want and dream about my brother until I get to the bank.

 It was the fifteenth of August then. Exactly four years ago from now. It was impossible to find out exam results from the internet or mobile phone. You had to travel to the city and see the exam results on the announcement table with your own eyes.


 So I became a student of the secondary school. My situation amongst the crying students in front of announcement table, was certainly better as I had a contract. My brother handed in his documents at the same time as me. This was my third time trying to get into university. Finally, somehow I became a student. But what about my brother?

 I wonder if my brother got into university under a contract too. Who would pay the student fees if both of us study? Parents grow old. Dad’s earnings are just enogh for housekeeping.

[1] Instructor or teacher at higher secondary school.

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