Зере Сергалиева

foto-zere-sergaliyeva_500x332С самого детства я любила книги и приключения, которые они в себе хранят. Истории, которые больше всего меня восхищали, были исторические романы и рассказы, повествующие об ежедневных подвигах самых настоящих людей. И я всегда мечтала создать свое собственное произведение, которое будет способно заворожить кого-то и при этом поведать правду. Часть моей мечты уже сбылась, а другая часть, надеюсь, сбудется.

I spent my childhood covered with books, totally absorbed in the twists of the plot, in the development of the characters and in the details of the setting. Novels and stories that caught my attention the most were historical ones. I felt that they had the power to be more influential than history books filled with facts, they had the power to depict negatively or positively the image of real people, they had the power to speak to future generations. And yet they had the power to entertain and excite the reader. And I had a dream to create my own work, which would have this kind of power. The half of my dream is already fulfilled, the other half hopefully will be fulfilled soon.

Короткий рассказ “Кенже Аже”

Extract from the short story Kenzhe Azhe by Zere Sergaliyeva

Her thoughts brought her back to that fateful March, to all the preparations, to all the doubts and fears she had. It was indeed a month filled with her tears and grief, which she tried to hide from her husband and son. But she was only sixteen; she was not very good at controlling her emotions. Very often Eraly saw her eyes full of tears, and could not do anything about that. He himself was heart-broken, but he never talked about that, never revealed his deepest fears and struggles. And both of them had to live, knowing that it was the last month in their home. It was hard.

  • We were prepared to start things over in another country. We went to the train station with our little box, and hoped for the best. It was the first time I ever travelled on the train, so this trip was even more special and unusual for me. We settled in our compartment, and it was already late in the evening when the train began to move. And you know, somehow being on the train was very calming, at least for me. We knew that the train would go the whole night without stopping, and only very late at night, before the sunrise, it would stop in Kyzylorda. So, we just fell asleep. All three of us. – Kenzhe pleasantly smiled. – Even your father was not causing any trouble, he did not cry at all during that evening on the train.
  • And what happened next? – Aisha impatiently asked.
  • What happened next? – Kenzhe repeated, she had been asking herself the same question for almost fifty years now, and still could not give herself the full account of events. – Well, as I said, we were all asleep. And in the middle of the night, I heard some movements near our compartment, but I did not pay much attention to them, and fell back to sleep. Then again, I heard some movements, and also some voices. I could not hear what exactly these people were talking about, but I felt that they were talking about us and our compartment. They tried to talk in hushed tones, so it was impossible to hear anything precisely, but I definitely felt a threat from them. Your grandfather and father were peacefully sleeping, and I still hoped that it was nothing, and that these men would go away, that they were just random people who happened to talk near our compartment. But they did not go anywhere, they stood near the door, and then I heard one of them say something really bad, although I cannot remember now what he said exactly, but it was very frightening.

Kenzhe heavily sighed. She lied when she said that she could not remember what that man said exactly. She wished she had already forgotten, but she could not. He said that he was ready to kill them. He said that he knew them and how rich they were, so he was ready to stab them with a knife if they would wake up and resist.

  • And then I heard how they opened the door to our compartment, there were five of them, but only two entered. I closed my eyes, and pretended to be asleep, but before that I made sure that your father was lying behind me. Oh, I had never been that frightened in my life. And you know, what was my biggest fear at that moment? I feared the most that your grandfather would wake up!
  • Why? Why would you fear that? Grandpa would protect you! You had to wake him up!
  • You are completely right. But this is exactly why he had to be asleep! If he was awake, he would try to protect us, he would fight. But do you remember how many men there were? Five men! He would never win, but don’t say that to him, he still believes that if he was awake, we would be in safety.
  • And what then? What happened when they came in?
  • Then they found our box, took it, and disappeared.
  • When they left, I woke your grandfather up, and told him everything. He was so upset, and angry, but we had to decide what to do next, and we decided to exit the train on the next stop, in Kyzylorda. We both felt that this was the beginning of the end, we had no place to go, we were considered bad elements, and we could get arrested any time for any reason.
  • We exited the train and moved through all those people around, who stared at us, but we kept moving. Our boy was on my shoulders; your grandfather carried the bags with the remains of our property, and we just kept moving, with no idea where we were going. But then…we saw the sunrise, it was so beautiful, and so uplifting to see. I remember that we stopped for a moment, and just looked at the sunrise. – Kenzhe quietly laughed. – I think people at the station considered us lunatics, but it did not matter at all. After looking at the sunrise, that tragedy at night seemed to be just a very bad dream. We felt happy, I guess. And indeed we were happy: we were alive, and I felt so grateful for that. Then, I turned to your grandfather and said that we should go to my sister. She lived in Kyzylorda at that time, but there was a problem with that idea. She was married to a Party member. We were afraid that her husband would be against us, but somehow after looking at the sunrise, it felt that everything would be fine. And it was indeed fine.
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