Дарья Башкайкина

%d1%84%d0%be%d1%82%d0%be-%d0%b1%d0%b0%d1%88%d0%ba%d0%b0%d0%b9%d0%ba%d0%b8%d0%bd%d0%b0Я – студентка филологического факультета. Люблю литературу и иногда пишу сама. Получается редко, но мне нравится экспериментировать.
Несколько лет назад я написала рассказ “Ленивая” на русском, а сейчас перевела его для конкурса.

I’m a student of philology department. I love literature and sometimes I write by myself. The result is rarely good but I like to experiment with words.
Several years ago I’ve written the “Lazy” in Russian and for this literature competition I translated it into English.


Story “Lazy”

Once upon a time lived Lazy. She liked to lay till the very evening in her warm bed bundling up with the tip of her nose, sometimes over the head, in a big blanket.  Then Lazy got up and felt like stretching, because after long hours of laying her body was like cotton. But as soon as she thought about it, she felt lazy again.

After getting up she thought, “Why am I so lazy? What a shame!” But right away some lines from Tsvetaeva’s verses came to her mind:

You were too lazy to get dressed,
Too lazy to get up for me…

The rest she did not remember, because she was too lazy to learn it all.

But couple years ago, as soon as she read the verses, she decided to make a point of learning them, but some day  later…

Now, remembering Tsvetaeva, Lazy exclaimed rather loudly and with force, “If Marina let herself be lazy, I can be a little lazy as well!”

Then Lazy reached her feet under the bed looking for her slippers. They were very old and raggy. But Lazy did not mend them. I think you, reader, are smart enough to guess why.

Lazy liked very much to spend time looking at herself in the mirror, because it was easy. Sometimes she made faces, but at the end, remembering practical advice of someone famous, said to her reflection “How beautiful you are, Lazy!” and went to the kitchen. There she ate. I have no idea what she did after that, but one day, when she got tired of being lazy, she decided to go out. She went out into the yard and began to look for love. She heard so much about love and she craved it, “Why does everyone have love, but I don’t?”

Because of that she went out in search of it. So, in her new dress, which had been carefully kept in the wardrobe, never worn, Lazy was wandering around looking for love. She got hungry and stopped at a café to have a snack.

A waiter came up to Lazy. He was good-looking and he gave her an unmistakable compliment. She quoted Tsvetaeva and it went straight to his heart. They went out and started walking along the streets together.

The waiter was romantic. He invited her to walk together again the next day. She agreed, but in the morning Lazy wanted to lay in bed, wrapped up to her nose in the blanket. That’s why she did not go walking with the waiter. And missed her Love.

Languishing in bed, Lazy thought about Love. When she got old, she understood, that the waiter had been that Love. But by that time, Lazy forgot all Tsvetaeva’s verses and she had already lost her attractiveness. And teeth. She was too lazy even to brush her teeth. So they fell out.

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