ejeЯ,Токарь Гульшара Утюровна, кыргызка по национальности, россиянка с 2010 года. Родилась в г. Бишкек, в 1956 годуб закончила медицинский институт, работала хирурго 17 лет. Сменила профессию, получила второе высшее образование, в национальном университете, лингвист с 203 года. Являюсь автором программы “Ваш английский”. Данный роман написала 20 лет назад. Нигде не издавала и не переводила на русский язык. На сайте проза.ру с 2013 года. На сайте стихи.ру опубликовала свои стихи на русском и английском языках. Сейчас пенсионер, даю уроки английского по скайпу.

роман “Flowers without sources of life”


This novel about the story based on real events taken place in the USSR Asian Republic. O politics were described in the novel, just love problems and troubles of life of the characters. The main thing of the novel is the attitude between people of different nationalities in their marital life.  The difference of view depended on their breed and discipline. The real story that made the writer to create the novel struck the author in her early young age, but her own life reflected in the novel. Her personal experience mostly described in the work.

      A young girl, the student of the medical institute, falls in love with the guy of the one year earlier year student. They have problems to marry, but get their aim at last. However, their family tragically broken, because of circumstances, that would not be expected, if their nationalities were same, and there would not be troubles of treating people with difference of behavior, bred with living and growing in difference culture and customs.

    By the way the students’ life and interests of young people of the Soviet Union of seventies was described in the novel. The behavior of the young people and their parents, attitude between parents and children, between people, who loves each other, scenes of quarrels  and  peace in families takes place in the novel.

     The culmination scenes have element of detective story, that have explanation in veil in the epilogue of the novel.

      The novel is interesting with the feelings, that is true state of the heart of the author, in spite of the events have not applied to her at all.  It is the combination of true story about the juridical case and true story about the young student girl, who does not have any criminal problems until now, when she is an author of the first novel. She described her personal experience of her true love and feelings, she went through her own life, but put them into the situation, that was heard by her when she was a young school-girl.  The girl, who was the prototype of the novel was not the same, that was described in the novel, but  it is art fiction literature. It has to be treated as the literary work, and cannot be perceived as the truth from beginning to the end.

       The idea of treating flowers by people gave the name of the novel. The author herself feels sorry about flowers, which always cut off from their sources, and are thrown in some days.


      Another month passed without changing in their acquaintance. She did not show a sign of familiarity with Latif. He met her everywhere she was, but she always ran away hurrying somewhere. Once she faced him as close as she could not run away, and they greeted each other at the first time. He did not have time to frighten, even was smiling and asked her.

– Where are you always hasting?

 – Over there, Stella replied, smiled at him and hurried on.

   In a day they were talking as friends at the institute. But there were a lot of students around them, and they were joking with others in one company.

– What do you do tonight? – Latif asked Stella.

– I do usually my homework. You know, it is very hard to study in our institute especially at the first year.

– Certainly, it is, I know, but sometimes it is necessary to relax. Let’s go to cinema.

– All right, but not today. Maybe, on Thursday.

– On Thursday?!

– Hm … on Wednesday.

– on Wednesday?!

– Well, on Tuesday.

– That means tomorrow?! Latif was glad so much. He was talking quickly with a little accent. It was very funny to listen to him and Stella like his accent and voice.

   At last they decided to meet after lections that day. After her lection she awaited Latif as his lection had not been over yet. He was delightful and surprised at Stella’s expecting him. They had been talking for half an hour about their lessons, and then arranged meeting in the evening. He accompanied her to the bus-stop and they parted when she got in the bus.

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