Виктория Манагарова

Viktoriia Managarova photoЯ искренне верю, что когда-нибудь мои истории смогут плавно и гармонично повернуть мир в магистральную сторону добра и что вырастет на этих историях новое поколение людей, которые не будут знать зла и которые станут по настоящему счастливы.

I sincerely believe that someday my stories will pass through the Goodness and set main way of planet in harmony to a new generation of happiness for people, which do not know evil any more.

The Girl with the Birds in her Hair


Lily stretched her tiny hands a bit forward, pulled the lock of the cage open and spoke aloud: “Fly!” The bird flapped her large wings, opened her mighty beak, seized the basket in which little Liana was seated and, before her mother was conscious of that, surged into the sky with the girl.

She took her far-far away over the seas, oceans and deserts to its homeland, where a human foot had never stepped before – the Rocky Island. It lay on an unexplored by anyone shore of a beautiful swirling deep blue sea. Everyday Green Goldiness flew away to the opposite shore and brought Liana some food in her old basket, while the girl silently cried, missing her home, and beckoned the doves which would soothe her painful desire to go back.

She knew that only those birds were able to bring her mail from the beloved land. Lily could not write, neither did she have a pen or paper, so it was impossible for her to send messages to her parents. She truly believed, though, that someday the doves would bring her a letter from her mother and father.

The birds brought Liana a great many letters, but she had no idea what those curious writings were saying…She consoled herself thinking that it was her parents who wrote the letters and believed that one day she would grow up and be able to figure out the word puzzle, overcome the sea limit and return home.

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