Борисенко Наталья

IMG_0854Меня зовут Наташа, я простая девушка из глубинки. С детства мечтала переехать в крупный город, иметь очень занятой и насыщенный образ жизни. Сейчас так и получилось, в прошлом году я переехала в Санкт-Петербург, поступила учиться в магистратуру, работаю в крупной компании, занимаюсь спортом и оставшееся время посвящаю своим хобби. Моя жизнь настолько насыщенная и активная, насколько я и представить себе не могла! Теперь я стремлюсь покорять новые вершины, еще более интересные.

My name is Natalia, I am a simple girl from a small town. Since my childhood I have been dreaming of moving to a big city and having a very busy and rich way of life. Last year I moved to Saint Petersburg, and now I study for a Master’s degree course, work in a big company, go in for sports and have some time for my hobbies. My life now is so rich and active that some years ago I couldn’t even imagine that I would be like this! Now I am planning to explore new horizons, even more interesting and attractive.

Poem Too late

I loved you and appreciated,
But you didn’t care of this.
I spent many evenings frustrated –
You seemed to make fun of my tears.

I put all my feelings in poems,
That came from my heart and my soul.
I greatly, sincerely wanted
To make you be fond of myself.

Perhaps, all my great expectations
Were not to be met in the life.
That’s why with my thoughts and my actions
I made you get out of my mind.

There’s no one who can stop the time!
This fact greatly influenced me.
I made up a new life of mine
And met a new man to be with.

At the beginning I doubted
That soon would forget you at all.
But later felt sure about it:
You left both my heart and my soul.

I was really happy as never,
My past buried deep in my mind.
In fact, you had done me a favour:
I managed to change all my life.

I learnt to be strict and objective,
I lived very quiet and soft life.
I felt very safe and protected,
Until did we meet one more time.

And this time you didn’t seem selfish!
You were, on the contrary, kind.
And all of your stubbornness vanished.
You offered to start a new life.

You admitted that you wasn’t sure
That I had been One in your life.
But later you made a conclusion
That I was the only your love.

I listened to what you were saying
And couldn’t believe ears and eyes!
You told me the truth, I was sure!
There was no reason to lie!

I listened, and so many tears
Fell down my face, and I saw
That girl who had loved you for years
But now didn’t care at all.

This time I remembered offences
And all harm that you’d done to me…
I’ve broken your heart into pieces!
I don’t care of how sorry you feel.

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