Беседин Руслан

BesedinРодился и живу в провинциальном городе. Незабвенная, бесконечная природа, неповторимая архитектура, многовековой менталитет северного народа – всё это, как я считаю, и есть кладезь вдохновения, в окружении которого я живу.

Когда мне было около 8 лет, родители заметили, как я пел вслух только что сочиненные песенки, но они не придали этому большого значения. И вот прошло уже почти 9 лет и это стало моей страстью.

За это время я стал участником многих поэтических вечеров, начал сочинять песни и петь их под гитару, также был номинирован на НЛП «ПОЭТ ГОДА 2014» и ЛП «НАСЛЕДИЕ 2014».

I was born and live in the provincial town. Unforgettable, infinite nature, unique architecture, the centuries-old mentality of northern people - all of this, I believe, is the fount of inspiration, surrounded by which I live.

When I was about 8 years old, parents have noticed, as I was singing out loud just penned songs, but they have not given much importance. And so it has been almost 9 years and it has become my passion.

During this time I became a member of many poetic evenings, began writing songs and singing them to the guitar, was also nominated for NLG "POET OF THE YEAR 2014" and the LG "Heritage 2014".

__________________________________________________________________ «Beyond the mind…»   I hope that there will be So pure in this world I don’t want to puke From to young very old.   The world is mud And without it In action and in word: You’d better think, not sit!   It is inside of you It is a cry And all the things that far High.   You can live for long time Copying and tracing other You won’t see preme And you’ll stay poser.   The life will sink into oblivion And you will fly through nothing Such empty as you are millions You are just deducted from the tracing.   We’ll never know whether God exists But everyone will understand it personally Maybe he will get a divine kiss Or he may not, don’t worry.   Without dirt world is empty and white It is devoid of meaning and desires It looks like started but not continued site Because it’s struck by incurable virus.

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