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???????????????????????????????Я – студент 4 Астраханского Государственного Университета заочного отделения ( специальность “Реклама и Связи с общественностью”, а также, я являюсь курсантом 1 курса Каспийского Института Морского и Речного транспорта ( специальность “Судоводитель”). Пишу произведения и сочинения с 18 лет, участвую в различных международных конкурсах. Некоторые мои работы напечатаны в научных сборниках.

I am a student of Astrakhan State University ( “Ad&PR” departure ), and also I am a cadet of Caspian Institute of Sea and River Transport ( “Navigation” department). I have written essays since 18 years, and I participate in different international competitions. Some of my works have published in scientific collection.

Story “The first drop”

-195 days, the last raindrop fell to the Earth 195 days ago! – said the gray-haired professor Welliton, standing at the main tribune.

– And what about weather forecasts? – asked doctor Martins, a recent member of our Ministry.

– It is also adverse. 42 years ago, when the Humanity learnt to transform the water into electricity all reservoirs, rivers, lakes, seas began to diminish. Today there is no source to take the water from, hence we have no way to receive any electricity. Well, at least drinking water supplies will  be enough for a long time.

– But what should we do? How will we provide people with information and knowledge? Everybody accustomed to use gadgets running on electricity. Now there is no one who has at least one book at home. The only library in the world belongs to us, the Ministry of Elders of the World, in which  all the manuscripts and publications are in a single copy, –  added lecturer Nouvell very anxiously.

– So that`s why I invited you today,– said Welliton. A few years ago the worldwide information hunger began, now we are not able to guarantee people the knowledge about the history and various sciences. Professors and teachers cannot afford the webinars and online consultations for their pupils and students. All the Alma-maters were closed, the way of teaching acquired the nature of home based. In the middle of the XX-th century Toffler warned us about this phenomenon, but people did not give him the due importance.

-Really, -noticed the Associate Professor Yuri Markov, – our children are even not aware of the time, when scientists gathered full audiences at their lectures. Alive communication was replaced by the “figure”. My son, like all his peers, studied by the program on his electronic notebooks, tablets, and other devices. Advantages of such programs, of course, overshadowed all the disadvantages. Due to the fact that the students had “personal Institute” in their rooms, it was not necessary to spend time on the route to the university, 24 hours a day they could turn to laptops for knowledge and get proper answers. Students chose by themselves when they should have lectures, practical classes and periods of the offsets and examinations.

-But first of all education is the process of information exchange. And it means that our decisions had to lie within the information scope, – insisted Martins. – It was necessary to give rise to developed means of information exchange and to effective involvement into the educational process. Such works were actively conducted and the various experiments on the forms of distance studying were carried out. Due to the activity of our Ministry, the first forms of wireless communication appeared, when the students turned to the School Website and performed some work. After that, webinars that helped to achieve greater sense of presence were invented.

-Then we created a new model of studying, – continued Markov. – The improved idea of distance education lied in the fact that we managed to gather pupils and students in the virtual classroom. Since that time a traditional school had been closed, as it was replaced by the schools and institutions that were in virtual reality. Wide distribution of three-dimensional HD spectacles as well as dissemination of electronic means to simplify education, all these made the effect of presence in a virtual classroom strong enough.  For example, I have been actively using training simulators with my students of Medical Departments recent years. With the help of them we were able to recreate the most realistic working conditions and ensure maximum safety of our interns. We had not to postpone practical training on a later date in order to avoid irreparable consequences anymore, as it had been earlier. More opportunities to practice the acquired knowledge dictate the growth of the students` interest in studying.

-But what must we do now, when people have no electricity, and all the traditional sources of electricity generation are exhausted? – I could not wait anymore and asked. -Mr. Welliton, is there any solution for this situation? Or is everything lost?

-Solution exists, and for you, Professor Fort, it is more favorable than for anyone in this hall, – said Welliton, wiping his glasses with a trembling hand.

-What do you mean? – asked Nouvell.

-Tomorrow all members of our Ministry will set off for the expedition to the planet Torneo 74 with the whole library. We have an assumption that water resources on this planet are enough to transform it into electricity.

The silence hung in the hall.

-How could you make this decision without asking our opinion? – Kim Pao was the first who broke the silence with inappropriate for the Vice-chairman of the Ministry aggression.

The noise of discontent and disturbances grew in the hall. Everyone tried to shout his anger concerning the heard statements.

– Silence! – In a word Welliton returned the former tranquility to the audience.

– This decision is not discussed, it was negotiated with the heads of your governments, and government orders were drawn up to form a group expedition.

Tomorrow at 6.00 our spaceship is taking off in search of new resources. We have no choice. All members of the Ministry will have to take the necessary things and warn their relatives about the departure. Everybody has to do it, except Professor Forts. He stays here.

– Why me? – I was overwhelmed with mixed feelings and thoughts.

 – Alex Fort is the youngest, but no less knowledgeable among us. The risk that we will not go back is very high. And you, professor, in this case, will be able to ensure people with information and knowledge. You can become the last hope for the education in the world.

These words were spinning in my head all night, and of course, I could not sleep. I just was lying with the open eyes and looked through the window into the star gloom. Suddenly, my eyes noticed a rocket flying up. The only rocket is against the background of the sky full of stars, as the only chance against the thousands of doubts. Once the nozzle of the rocket disappeared behind the clouds, the first drops of rain started to knock on the windowsill… The first drops of new knowledge.

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