Арман Айтбосунов

2014-09-05 12-15-20Я один из таких людей, которые находят себя во многом, и не теряет в себе одно – человечность! –  Айтбосунов Арман Хусаинович

Творческие мысли рождались еще с детства и в разных направлениях, а реализовывать их стал, сравнительно недавно. Не знаю, как отреагируют мои читатели, на мои произведения, но, знаю одно… они отреагируют! Как бы я ни старался и чтобы я не делал, я все таки надеюсь на то, что они меня поймут!

I’m one of those people who find themselves in many ways, and did not lose a single  humanity! – Arman Aytbosunov Husainovich.

Creative thoughts since from childhood and were born in different directions, and implement  them was  relatively recently. Do not know how to react to my readers,  my work, but  know one  … they will respond! As much as I tried and no matter what I did, I still hope that they will understand me!

Короткий рассказ “Приветствие”

Вы когда нибудь задумывались о том, почему вы при встрече с кем либо, желаете ему добра, процветания или же просто приветствуете. В этом рассказе я открываю, читателю, истинную причину возникновения всех приветствий и пожеланий.

Each person greets other person, thus he wishes him health and wellbeing! So, why he does it? My dear readers, I will try to answer to this question.

Very long ago there lived two tribes. One of the tribes called Kotun, another was Nebak. They constantly conflicted with each other, and their hostilities were so bloody, that nothing could reconcile them.  With each skirmish the number of both tribes decreased and the grief of losses never left them. And then the leaders seriously reflected about this. If it continues so long, then there will remain nobody.  They decided to send the shamans to the high mountain to ask the Founder as him to be and what to do.  Next day having got ready for their journey two shamans started their way to the way was not close and whole road they swore, machinated and bedeviled to each other. Then they got tired of it and continued the way to the Founder. Having risen to the high mountain, they asked the Founder to solve the problem between the tribes.  And the Founder answered them:

  • “Report to the leaders and each of inhabitance that when they see another person they should wish all the best and prosperities, and they always should do it. If it is not made then will not be neither humanity nor people. You will ruin yourselves and there will be no mankind. And will be the same if you stop talking the wishes of good and prosperity.   Set an example the first!”

Having heard the answer of the Founder the shamans went back.  Everyone went silently, in thought, discussing nothing, without abusing each other.  Two tribes gathered together to ask what the Founder had said when they saw the shamans.  And the shamans retold the answer of the Founder.  And they set the example, saying good wishes and prosperities to each other.  Since then two tribes lived in peace and wished good and prosperities at a meeting. So this tradition of good wishes and wishes of prosperities still exist, in all nations in different languages.

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