Анналинн Фой

Мне нравится писать. Для того, чтобы выразить то, что у меня на уме. Для того, чтобы исследовать свои чувства. Для того, чтобы узнать себя лучше. Я хотела бы раскрыть свой творческий потенциал, чтобы увидеть куда заведет меня история. Писательство мое хобби. Мне 24 сейчас, и я до сих пор пишу рассказы не только на русском, но и на английском языках. Мне повезло, потому-что я по профессии переводчик английского и французского.
Также я люблю рисовать портреты. На сегодня, писательство и рисование – главная отдушина. И я чувствую себя счастливой и никогда не скучаю, потому что в моей жизни мне нужно сделать так много интересные вещей. Заниматься любимым делом и жить полной жизнью.

I like to write. To express what’s on my mind. To explore my feelings. To get to know myself better.
I like to uncover my creativity, to see the story unravel. See where the adventure takes me.
Writing’s my hobby. I’m 24. I’m lucky because I am an interpriter. Also I like to draw portraits. Today wrighting and drawing are so much fun to me. And I feel happy and never get bored because in my life I need so much interesting things to do. To do favorite thing and to lead full life.

Рассказ  “The Call




I went to the table, rearranging someone else’s name on the badge. A dark-haired guy in a suit was sitting there. He glumly looked at me, and I realized that I had done something wrong.

– I didn’t order this.

Didn’t order… Just a terrible mess in my head, cause since the very morning I’d done all arseways. Besides that my coffee machine was broken, when I came to work, I found out that one of waitresses’d quitted the job and I should either find a new one for a couple of hours, or take her place…

– Hey! – a pretty blonde sat down at a guy’s table, kissing him on the cheek. Her voice was familiar to me, but I was not certainly sure where I’d heard it. She took off her jacket, being only in shirt, and now I without scruple was staring at her stunning breasts, already imagining how it felt… So – I’ve lost my thought! – Oh, Finn, you’ve ordered ravioli, I like it!

The girl smiled at me, and I also wanted to forget about all morning problems, but the guy muttered irritably:

– No. I didn’t order this.

– Don’t be boring, I’ll eat it anyway!

– I want to see your manager – the guy didn’t quiet down. – And better yet, the restaurant owner, cause I’m not going to pay for this.

– I can replace the dish… – I began to say, when the guy definitely shook his head, and the blonde looked at him so evilly, that I would stop arguing in his place.

– I don’t need any replace. If the manager doesn’t come to me, I'll make sure that you’re no longer working here.

– Finn!

– I’m okay – I nodded to the blonde not to trouble. I could stand up for myself. – Unfortunately, the manager is absent today.

– And why does it seem to me that you’re lying? Trying to cover for you before the heads? So. What’s going on? Censurers and very important people sat at my tables, and everything was good, but here someone spoiled my day completely. Asshole.

Tris passed by with the tray in her hands and the guy called her out:

– Miss, I need your manager.

Tris looked at me confusedly and quickly said:

– Oh, he is absent today…

– Then, if it’s no bothering you, give me a number of restaurant owner.

I hardly listened; it seemed to be just a joke. The life laughed at me and everyone around. Ah, yes… I needed to buy a coffee machine, and while going home I’d grab some strong drink in the all-day store and some candies. Like M&M's. I had already imagined how relaxing in a hot foamy bath. Mmm. This is immediately became easier after expectation of such end of the day.

– Why? – Tris laughed merrily. – Alexandra is the owner.

The blonde laughed loudly, pushing the guy’s shoulder:

– Well, you are idiot! Ha-ha, – she covered her mouth with hand. – Please, excuse my brother… Brother? I immediately became interested in this blonde, because I thought he was her boyfriend, but not her brother – they were completely different.

– Stepbrother, – the girl added, glancing at the boy, who was so flushed, that I was ready to put the top ten, that the steam would right go from his ears.

– Sure. Call me if you need anything.

I turned around, moving away from their table, not thinking about that the guy looked like an idiot, but that I didn’t know the name of a beautiful blonde.

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