Андрей Шаргородский

getImageШаргородский Андрей Вадимович – родился и вырос в городе Ухта, Россия. Жил и работал в Тюменской, Орловской, Винницкой и Харьковской областях. Автор пяти книг, которые издавались в России, Украине и Канаде. Его произведения опубликованы в десятках литературных изданий и сборников. Неоднократный лауреат и дипломант различных международных конкурсов. Шаргородский А.В. член Российского и Интернационального союза писателей, член Международного Союза Писателей «Новый Современник». Награждён медалью Московской литературной премии. Обладатель Гран-при Международного фестиваля «Ялос-2016».

Роман “Начнём с конца”



Alina Kabaeva was an expert in orgasms. Since she took up the sport, she was exhausting herself. She regularly felt unexpected bliss. Those, who did sport, know. Today she read that recently this topic has become the subject of research of scientists from Indiana University, which was attended by over 300 women, aged 18 to 63, who regularly did sport. It allowed to obtain sensational results – 50% of women experienced orgasm when doing sport. The result was achieved when performing rhythmic, repetitive exercises aimed at the abdominal muscles. This topic used to be prohibited. Maybe, that’s why she was not looking for dating with guys, and the schedule of trainings and competitions kept her busy. But everything changed on December 21, 2005, in Moscow, in Yekaterininsky hall of the Kremlin, when Putin awarded her the order “For Merit to the Fatherland”. She fell in love immediately, and his only presence made her feel unbelievably good. Then there was a glass of champagne and a look, that explained everything at once. Putin knew how to court and gallantly deal with women, so she could not resist. She never regretted about it. There were romantic meetings, trips to other countries, meetings with leaders of other countries in an informal setting. Very often they met with Berlusconi, who came with new girlfriends at each new meeting with Putin. There was also a meeting with Obama, in 2009, after which even Michelle could not calm down drunken Barack. Certainly, she gained confidence, when Putin divorced his wife. “He did not use, abuse and refuse”. He kept his word. Now, when she gave birth to a third Putin’s child in Switzerland, when they got their own house, she felt in the seventh heaven. It could not be even compared with orgasms on gymnastic apparatus.

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