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Анастасия НамМеня зовут Анастасия Леонидовна Нам . Я родилась в Казахстане, г. Алматы . Я магистр иностранной филологии. Преподаю английский язык в университете с 2002 года. В 2009-2010 и 2010-2011 училась в Открытой Литературной Школе г. Алматы( семинар прозы). Посещала литературные семинары Тима Бойлера, обладателя медали Карнеги, Олега Павлова( лауреата Букерской Премии) и Ильи Одегова и Михаила Земскова ( лауреатов Русской Премии).
1) Рассказ ” Детская одержимость” в международном журнале (IJELLS) Индия, Август 2015
2)Рассказы ” Счастливчики” и “Пекло” в альманахе “Литературная Алматы” 2012
3) Рассказ “Скольжение” в рекламном журнале “Выбирай” в 2011

My name is Anastassiya Leonidovna Nam. I was born in Kazakhstan, Almaty city in 1981. I graduated BA and MA courses at Kazakh University of International Relations and World Languages in Almaty. Since 2002 I have worked at this very university as an English language teacher. In 2009-2010 and 2010-2011, I studied at Almaty Open Literary School (prose seminar). I attended prose seminars of Tim Bowler, a Carnegie Prize Winner in 2003, Kazakhstan, Oleg Pavlov, a Russian Booker Prize Winner in 2011, Russian Prize Winners (Ilya Odegov and Mikhail Zemskov).
1. Short story “A child’s obsession” in International Journal of English: Literature, Language &Skills (IJELLS) volume 4 Special Issue 2-August, India, 2015
2. Short stories “Lucky people” and “Heat” in a journal “Literary Almaty” in 2012, Kazakhstan
3. Short story “Sliding” in an advertising magazine “Vybirai” in 2011, Kazakhstan

Любовная история “Adam, Lilit and Eve


There was a lecture of Eugene Vitvizkyi. He may be the only lecturer, which lectures we attend on our own wish, but not because of the ratings. First-class man. He is an ex-sportsman, a volleyball-player, but if you think that sportsmen and military men have mediocre intelligence, he is a lucky exception. He defended his PhD paper when he was 25. All students are his devoted fans, because as soon as he opens his mouth, you forget everything, even the bet.

I don’t remember how it all started, our theme appeared to be romanticism- there was such period in the world literature. We began talking about Lilit. Because she was one of the darlings of the Romantic Period. Lilit.

-What was the name of the first woman?

– Do you mean my first sex partner?

Eugene understands such humor and we understand him for understanding.

-What was the name of Adam’s wife?

The question seemed so simple, that we guessed it was tricky.


-Wrong answer.- He paused like a good actor and then continued .- Her name was Lilit. At that moment he won the audience and could promote his knowledge, but we were simply interested and cared nothing about his desire to be super orator. – This is an ancient Jewish myth. In the beginning there were created Adam and Lilit, but not Adam and Eve. Lilit strived to be Adam’s equal, because they were made of dust, of equivalent material, she refused to submit and left her husband. She was replaced by Eve, who was made of rib. So basically, she was not equal. “Flesh of my flesh, bone of my bones.” My wife, my slave. Lilit is a woman and Eve is only a wife. …

-What did Lilit do after the divorce? Did she ask Adam to support her?

We all burst with laughter. When it stopped Vitvizkyi went on lecturing.

-She became a witch and a nightmare. She is believed to cause miscarriages, harm newborns , seduce men in their dreams, steal their sperm to give birth to her demonic children. Among thousands of legends and myths around Lilit these three qualities are constant. Do you know why? Now I am appealing to the male audience. What are your greatest fears? What is your greatest fear?

We were changing glances, but nobody uttered a sound. Vitvizkyi gave us a faint smile- he was enjoying his influence.

-I do understand you. It is the core of male nature to strengthen and dominate. Confess the fears means confess the weakness. But we cannot accept being weak. Nevertheless, in order to continue… Do you remember the film, which we watched last week?

-“Total Eclipse”. About gay poets?

-Yes, about Paul Verlaine and Rimbaud, French poets- symbolists. And homosexualists.

Remember the scene when they were sitting in the café and drinking absinthe- “green witch”, which caused the strongest hallucinations. Then Rimbaud, – he was played by Di Caprio asked the same question to his friend Verlaine (he was played be David Thewlis) What scares you the most? Do you remember the answer?

-People may see me the way I see them.

-Right you are. This is Rimbaud’s answer. What was Verlaine’s response?

We changed glances one more time. Some people remembered perfectly, but nobody dared to say it out loud. Nobody among men. The girl dared.

– To lose my testicles!

We all laughed with relief, because the taboo was broken and the tension disappeared. Even Vitvizkyi was laughing.

-Right you are. The most widespread fear among men, absolutely all men is to become an impotent. Freud called it the fear to lose penis. What are other men’s fears?

-To be a loser!

-To have just salary for living!

-Be penniless!

-Money, salary –you are on the right way. But why do men need them? Remember Darwin. Why do all of us participate in the rat race?

-Its struggle for existence!

-To have the breed, the next life of your genes. Three things which scare the men most of all are impotence, the fear of not having children and be attentive, ladies that a woman would leave him. Lilit is a personification of all inmost fears. I will repeat she left Adam; she harms newborns and tempts men, robbing them of sperm and power. She is called she-demon, a succubus, a nightmare and a monster. Men call her that, of course, because her most awful sin was disobedience. Struggle for equal rights. Her thirst was so strong that she agreed to be punished in the most severe way angels could punish- the death of her own children.

-Can I ask you a question?

-You are welcome.

-Do you support feminists?

-I do not. I am an ordinary man. I am irritated when a woman looks too manly, when a compliment can be considered as the evidence of sexual harassment. But Lilit’s ideas were very attractive in the twentieth century. Her image was an inspiration to endless feminists’ works. Even yesterday when I was preparing for today’s lecture I found the site named after Lilit. It is the site devoted to lesbians. Modern writers give new and new interpretations to Lilit’s image. Does Lilit remind you of another name? The name of a famous seducer-girl?

— Lolita.

-That’s right. Nabokov even wrote a poem, titled“ Lilit” .

Lilit is also symbol of forbidden love, eros. According to Freud three women are important for a man. They are mother, bride-wife and a femme fatale. Eve is a personification of bride-wife. Lilit is a fatal seducer, who scares and causes desire. Its interesting to note, though the myth about Lilit is a Jewish myth, the image of a femme fatale , which uses her sexuality for men’s fall is widespread among many nations. Remember the ancient Greece’s sirens, whose irresistible singings causes death for the sailors. Also I want to share my theory. But we need some facts from school geometry.

Vitvizkyi took a piece of chalk.

-What can two lines do in one plane?


-Right. What else?

-They can be parallel.

-Right. Imagine that two lines represent a man and a woman. They can be very alike, have common interests, in other words be parallel. Common interests cause mutual understanding, which becomes friendship and , possibly, love. Quiet, steady love, which was called “agape” by ancient Greeks. In the other case a man and a woman can be as different as magnets. But according to the law of physics such difference causes inevitable attraction. Passionate attraction was called “eros” by ancient Greeks. But such relationships do not last for long. When they reach their peak , their point of intersection, they separate. The same powers which brought them together, tear them apart. So, I wanted to say, that Eve is agape, Lilit is eros. Ancient Greeks used only the word” eros”, mentioning love , there is only word agape in the Greek translation of Bible. Paganism and Christianity. Two kinds of love. Two types of women. Adam needs them both.

He is the only one who decides whom to prefer… Excuse me for a prolong introduction. Let’s study the works of romanticism, inspired by Lilit’s image…………

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