Анастасия Курганова

yu45cOOeNMQМеня зовут Анастасия, для друзей - просто Кургаша, и живу я в нашей прекрасной северной столице, Санкт-Петербурге. Этот город во многом определяет и мои увлечения: экология, волонтерские движения, путешествия, искусства, и конечно же, литература. Я стараюсь развивать как читательский, так и писательский навыки в себе. Бабушка рассказывала, что уже в два года я знала все буквы, а значит моё увлечение чтением началось примерно тогда. С тех пор я написала много прозаических и лирических произведений на русском и английском языках, однако сказку, которую я представила на этом конкурсе, я, кажется, люблю больше остальных своих проб пера.

My name is Anastasia, and I live in St Petersburg. I am very much interested in volunteering, ecology, arts, music, and literature. I can say that the latter is my real passion, and I try to develop my reading and writing skills in both Russian and English. I was lucky to attend the writing workship in the University of Iowa, and so far this is probably my biggest achievement in literature. The tale that I want to introduce to the judges and other readers is one of my favourite, and I really hope that the readers will enjoy it as much as I do.

A Tale With a Wiggly Tail

Pt. 1: Knock-knock On a bright summer morning, ten minutes to four Mr. President heard a knock on his door "Well, with ears my size, he said out loud, I couldn't be wrong, so I'd better check out!" So he walked through the door with “the secretest” code, And a retina scanner, and then wrote a note: "I don't think that the House is secure enough; Needs more guards, and more doors and more bulletproof stuff. The president was quite afraid, and therefore He ordered the guard to open the door... Pt. 2: Wiggly tails. The guest was quite tall, with a pretty nice face, He was standing and smiling, and.... wiggling his tails?! And behind him there seemed to stand three of his friends, Smiling warmly and waving their numerous hands. "Okay, this worked out just the way that we planned it, And we have arrived at the capital of Planet! This is, my colleagues, the center of it! And here stands the man that we wanted to meet.” The president was pretty puzzled and scared, But ten minutes later he finally dared To step up and start a wise conversation With this tail-wiggling multiple-armed delegation. "Hello, dear friends, there’s no reason to fear: Our nation is glad to welcome you here! Would YOU like some soda, or water with ice? As you see, human beings are friendly and nice!" The guest spoke: "We are on a space expedition, We are the Terrestrial Planet Commission We just want to know all that YOU know about Keeping the planet so blue and so round! You see, our planet, Panericus-One, Changes color, which is, to be honest, not fun. And in order to drive us all nuts even more, It changes its shape every morning at four. Oh, say how to keep it so round and so blue!" "Okay,” said the President, “I will tell you" Pt. 3 - Busy feet They were driving around for about ten hours, Passing by the skyscrapers and old mighty towers, Up until our guests felt a little bit dizzy And then asked: "Don't you, humans, keep your feet busy? You see, we believe if you're walking around Your feet roll the planet and keep it so round. But you people prefer to roll car wheels instead Aren’t you afraid that the Earth will turn flat?" "What nonsense! To me, it appeared That YOUR planet is being all weird, And ours is fine. So it's clear your beliefs Aren't more truthful than some ancient myths… And didn’t you know, that the cars make the gas Which helps local farmers to grow crops and grass And makes our air so fresh and so clear That all human beings are healthy ‘round here I'll tell you our secrets, my friends, one by one: How the planet caretaking should always be done, How to keep it all fresh, just as if it was new, How to keep it so round, how to keep it so blue." And the President told everything we had learned. In the next chapter I will reveal what he told. Pt. 4: This odd ozone layer "The nuclear wastes make the lakes crystal clear The water is pure if the power plant's near. The excess amount of garbage and trash Makes the soil very fertile and air very fresh. And we let all the fumes go straight up in the air, Which helps us destroy this odd "Ozone layer". To prevent the planet from turning red-striped, We want all the tigers completely wiped out. To help everybody we, people, of course Make sure that we have enough conflicts and wars. We also have poverty, hunger, and HATE Which keep our planet in such perfect state! And since we still have to maintain the control, To secure the system once and for all, All the time we are trying to soften their minds With TV, magazines and social sites." The aliens exclaimed: "How simple, indeed! Not caring is actually all that we need! Pt. 5 Dust So the aliens left, knowing just what to do To keep their planet so round and so blue And the humans were happy to spread their word To a far-away weird developing world. They took our advice and they did what we said. But what a coincidence - now they are dead. A couple of years of living like us, They and their planet just turned into dust. It's not our fault that they couldn’t find out How to keep their planet so big and so round…   Очень плохоПлохоУдовлетворительноХорошоОтлично (41 голосов, средний бал: 4,49 из 5)