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241Сейчас живу и работаю в Кыргызстане, сотрудничаю с творческими людьми в различных проектах. Люблю поэзию, печатаюсь и редактирую.

Now I live and work in Kyrgyzstan , collaborate with creative people in various projects . I love poetry , print and edit.

Перевод цикла стихотворений “Отражение отражения”

=Reflecting reflections=



Silver-haired flock of clouds

Tickle mountain peaks.
Undulating snow shroud

Touching grassy creeks.
Great Tien Shan – an ancient knight,

Brother of Ural and Pamir,

Spreads so far within the sight

With proud look of palmer.
Where snow leopards walked alone

Now men who strong in spirit
Are going up through icy stones

Not knowing any limits.
They all are tempted by the height,

Not by the Neil’s line.

Their hearts belong to snow-white

Great Tien Shan Mountains’ shine.


On the road

So tired of roads

I fall into grass,

Another threshold

Now passed.

I wish I could touch

The vastness below…

I’m going forward

To mountain snow.

Sing for me, akyn*,

Komuz**, play for me!

Naryn***, run your waters!

Your words running free…

A sound of thunder,

A glimpse of pheasant…

I want to come home faster

And heat up kazan.****


Akyns* – improvising poets and singers in the Kazakh and Kyrgyz cultures.
Komuz** – national string instrument.
Naryn*** – mountain river.
Kazan**** – metal pot with hemispherical bottom, used for cooking meals including pilaf.


              * * * * *

Eternal planetarium on high

With stellar shining paradise

Sends arias from nightly sky –

Choose one of them and now arise!

Those solemn and authentic songs

Caress the ear and blear the eyes.

The Milky Way to you belongs,

Don’t stop the song until sunrise:

About sunlight reaching earth,

About moonlight blurry bounds…

An endless world has gave us birth,

Where silence is so full of sounds.

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